absolutely venomous accurately fallacious (naturally delicious)

Collaborators: Kenny Scharf; Shoplifter; Michael Lazarus; Melissa Stabile de Mello; Fábio Gurjão; Desi Santiago; Kleber Matheus; Giles Round; Malcolm Stuart; Honeygun Labs; Rick Castro; Vava Dudu; Carla Machado; Renata Abbade; Rodrigo Garcia Dutra
Opening night featuring performances by The Troglodyte Starshow, Escandalo, Malcolm Stuart’s Color Wheel, The Dazzle Dancers, and Abravanation Performance.
Performance program curated by Eric Schmalenberger and assume vivid astro focus. Performances by Ray Aims, House of Xtravaganza, Narcissister, Chloe Dzubilo and Tara Delong, Earl Dax’s Tingle Tangle (featuring Ana Matronic, The Pixie Harlots, and Needles Jones), Japanther, BARR, and Dynasty Handbag, among others

Photos by Tom Powel Imaging, Kristy Leibowitz, Steph Goralnick, and assume vivid astro focus
Courtesy Deitch Projects, New York

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