a very anxious feeling

Collaborators: Pipa Ambrogi; Carla Machado
Performance program curated by Eric Schmalenberger and assume vivid astro focus.
Performances by Fancy Nancy, Frankie Martin, Tristan Perish, BARR, Ann Magnuson, Animental, Philly, Julie Atlas Muz, Bambi the Mermaid and Eric Schmalenberger, Loconuts, Zhen, Muffinhead and Amber Ray, Malcolm Stuart and Bec Stupak, Lucky Dragons, Japanther, Glenn Marla, Tobias Bernstrup, Machine Dazzle, Karen Azoulay, Viva Ruiz and Lady Fag, among others

Photos by Joanne Kim and assume vivid astro focus
Courtesy John Connelly Presents, New York