a.v.a.f's 2 do list xxl (4 tate liverpool)

1. New alias: butch queen vogue fem bizarre $$ dressed like a ninja with a twist period (b.q.v.f.b.$$.d.l.n.w.t.p.) or blast from the past legendary runaway female figure face realness in pastel colors (b.f.p.l.r.f.f.f.r.p.c.). Or assume vivid ovah load (a.v.o.l) or contagious ovah assumptions assimilate (a.o.a.a) or allow vague assumptions form (a.v.a.f). Other words: booth, peep, snatch, affair, addlepated, actuator, acrolect, acock, aboral, apheresis;

2. 12″/Lps (buy Vestax’s portable turntable + audio interface + download Peak trial): Fsk’s “Tel Aviv + Other Originals”; DJ Naughty’s “Red Hot”; “Perfumed Gardens 1,2,3” compilations; “Moxie Disco Edit 1+ 2”; Steve Angello’s “Acid/Euro”; Tyree Cooper’s “Soul Survival vol.7”; Maus’ “Enjoy”; Uusi Fantasia’s “Top Ten”; Zerocrop’s “Fucked”; “Flamongo Sanomat” compilation; “SJNRL 03 + 04”; Dennis Young’s “Liquid Liquid”; S. Santiago’s “Adventures in Failure”; Todd Terje’s “Mjondalen Diskoklubb”; Bastedos’ “May I?”; Out Hud’s “One Life to Leave”; The Latino Scoundrals’ “Meltdown Dub Remix”; Bakazoo’s “Risky Disco”; Nitro Deluxe’s “Let’s go Brutal”;

3. Research UK (artists): Luke Fowler; Katy Dove; Mark Tichner; Mark Leckey’s videos for donAteller; Rob Kennedy + Stuart McGregor; Cerith Wyn Evans; Lali Chetwynd; Stephen Williats; Gustav Metzger; Jo Mitchell; Hobbypop Museum; Mike Marshall; Heidi Kilpelainen; Selfish Cunt; Tim Head; Tina Frank; Giles Round; Oswell Blakeston + Francis Bruguiere’s “Light Rhythms” (1930); Angus Cook/Leigh Bowery’s “Death Pie Flour”; Hilary Lloyd’s “Felix + Frederic”; Jeremy Deller’s “Acid Brass” (?);

4. Research UK (other): Andrew Logan’s “Alternative Miss World”; Leigh Bowery’s short lived band Minty; Hackney Empire’s dance competitions; Granada TV + Tony Wilson’s 80’s music programmes; Soundslike (label)’s artists’ music videos; Northern Soul balls; old UK TV programs (try to get bootleg tapes on-line): “Hitman + Her”, “The Old Grey Whistle Test”, “The Tube”, “The Word”, “Top of the Pops” (specially late 70s when they had the Pants People)

5. Research (International): Lillian Schwartz; Phil Mulloy’s “Extreme Animation”; Toshiyuki Nagashima’s “polyphony@ver1.0”; Kohei Kawasaki’s “Aggregation”; MikoMikona’s “Fourier Dance Formations”; TMema (Golan Levin + Zachary Liberman)’s “The Manual Input Sessions”; Joe Takayama’s “Microcosm”; Interactive Generative Stage + Dynamic Costumes for Andre Werner’s “Marlowe: The Jew of Malta”; ZZ Top animated movie; Gelatin’s “Smallest Club on Earth” (4 Liverpool Biennial); clowning/krumping dance (try 2 get anonymous footage thru ebay, yahoo groups); Bill Morrison’s “Decasia” DVD; 70’s TV program “Disco Step by Step”;

6. Contact: Sandi Hughes 4 footage of acid house parties, Linda Morris 4 footage of Andrew Logan’s “Alternative Miss World” parties; Ladytron’s Danny’s friend who’s got footage of Northern Soul balls; Jonathan Hodgson who made film “Nightclub”; Catherine Wood about British youth TV culture; Michael Clark about other dance companies dat relate 2 his work + his last year project on Human League; Keith Dando who organizes the gay + lesbian film festival in Liverpool; Toby Webster who curated “My Head is on Fire but My Heart is Full of Love” + video show in Denmark; Ian White; Mark Beasley; Gregor Muir; Matthew Higgs; Peter (friends with George + Dragon’s Richard) + Aaron Moulton (Sarah McCrory’s friend) who both documented a lot of performances in London in the past; George + Dragon’s Richard 4 his collection of “Top of the Pops” episodes; Mike Sperlinger @ LUXX; Steve Bode @ Film + Video Umbrella; Gimpo who used 2 make visuals 4 KLF;

7. Buy/rent/find: Mike Nichols’ “Everything Taboo”; Arthur C White’s “Xmas for Sale”; “In Bed With Chris Needham” (part of BBC’s Teenage Video Diaries series); Keith Ainsworth documentary on the crash of Imagine software; compilation of Soul II Soul music videos; compilation of Stone Roses music videos; compilation of Primal Scream videos; Alexander Jovy’s “Sorted”; documentary on Gustav Metzger; Len Lye’s DVD compilation; Luke Fowler’s “Shaddazz” video project; Terry Walshe’s “Good Times”;

8. Buy (books): Michael Bracewell’s “England is Mine: Pop Life in Albion from Wilde to Goldie”; “Brit Cult: An A-Z of British Pop Culture”; David Christopher’s “British Culture: An Introduction”;

9. Possible future collaborators (some recurring): Vaginal Davis; D’Argento; Brooks; Soft Pink Truth; Michael Lazarus; Marco Boggio Sella; Josh White; Ara Peterson + Jim Drain; Hobbypop; Trajal Harrel; Shoplifter; Andreas (DJ @ Berlin’s Panorama Bar); Alter Ego; AA Bronson/General Idea; Rubens Mano; Xevi Muntane; Animal Collective; Aleksandra Mir; Black Leotard Front; Tati Quebra Barraco; Jarbas Lopes; Nelson Sullivan (estate); Phiiliip; Bernard Wilhelm; Christoph Hamaide Pierson;

10. Check Chris Hughes’ video catalog 4 bootleg tapes of artists present in the “Summer of Love” show (he’s got 4 sure: Paul Sharits, Tony Conrad; James Whitney; Stan Vanderbeek); Contact him about finding material he doesn’t have on-line either on downloadable video sites or quick time clips. Also get from him: Isaac Julien’s “Young Soul Rebels”;

11. Still try 2 get (international research): Le Tigre’s “Deceptacon” video (if not, download it from their website); Slater Bradley’s Joy Division video; Grace Jones’ “Love is the Drug” video; newer dearraindrop videos; newer paperrad videos; more Nelson Sullivan’s footage; Gary Painter’s light shows footage; Talking Heads’ “Story Telling Giant” music video compilation; “URGH! A Music War” (with live performance by Klaus Nomi); footage of funk balls in Rio (with Andreas, friends with Ladytron’s Sebastian); footage of Cockettes/Angels of Light/Sylvester;

12. Still try 2 get (Brazil research): Caetano Veloso singing “Alegria, Alegria” @ TV Record’s music festival (1967); excerpts from late 60’s TV program “Jovem Guarda” (with Roberto Carlos, Wanderleia, + Erasmo Carlos); episode from TV Program “Frente ònica da Mœsica Popular Brasileira” with Geraldo VandrŽ + Lennie Dale singing “Cip— de Aroreira” (1967); excerpts from late 60’s TV program “O Fino da Bossa” with Elis Regina + Jair Rodrigues; excerpts from Chacrinha; Gilberto Gil + Os Mutantes singing “Domingo no Parque” @ TV Record’s music festival (1967); excerpt from TV Globo’s 70’s soap opera “Dancin’ Days” with S™nia Braga + Paulete dancing in a disco; Secos e Molhados’ singing “Amor” in TV program “O Fant‡stico” (early 70’s); Baby Consuelo singing “Menino do Rio” in “O Fant‡stico” (early 80s);

13. Ask: Cory Arcangel 2 send tapes of his Whitney home boy/pizza performances, his recent video collaboration with paperrad, + more Liverpool videos; Josh White 2 send full length mini DV of his 60’s light shows; Michael Gillespie @ Foxy Productions 4 recent paperrad videos; Deitch 4 footage of Paradise Garage dat was part of their Keith Harring painting show a few years ago;

14. Ask Natalja 2 send to us here in the UK: Michael Winterbottom’s “Code 46” DVD + Lynee Remsey’s “Morvern Callar” (with scenes of Samantha Morton dancing); bootleg VHS of Yayoi Kusama + Jud Yalkut’s collaboration; Steve LaFreniere’s tape of Funtone’s videos; Technotronic’s music video compilation; “Pick Up A Winner” DVD; bootleg DVDs of Charles Atlas’ 80’s films “Hail the New Puritans” + “Because We Must”; bootleg VHS of Pierre Huyghe’s videos; bootleg DVD of Afrika Bambaataa’s music videos